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Notice: COVID-19 Update

       New & Used Ophthalmic Equipment, Instruments & Supplies
       Phoropter Cleaning,Complete Lane Tune Up & Repairs
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                                             Serving the Eye Care Professionals Since 1999
+ Ophthalmic Equipment Repairs & Preventative Maintenance
+ We Pack, Move & Reinstall Equipment by the lane or entire practice
+ Ophthalmic Equipment Appraisal
+ Phoropter Cleaning & Repair
+ Lane Tune-Up / Repairs /
+ On-Site / Off-Site Service
We hope you and your family remain healthy during this challenging time.
At our company we are all strictly following the CDC preventative recommendations and we remain open for business
following all health and safety protocols.
We will continue providing equipment repair and preventative maintenance on as needed basis.

If your office is open and need some equipment serviced,we are here to assist you, please don't hesitate to contact us
by phone or email.

We are accepting Phoropters for cleaning.
If you have a phoropter in need of some repairs or cleaning,this might be a good time to do so.
Take advantage of our temporary Special pricing of + FREE shipping.

Please call  210-680-0490    Email service@texas-ophthalmic.com
                Our Office will remain closed
  From September 25th to October 2nd.