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Office           210-519-9622
Service        210 849 2692
Registered Vendor for
University Health System
USDVA VA Hospitals

New & Used Ophthalmic Equipment, Instruments & Supplies
     Phoropter Cleaning,Complete Lane Tune Up & Repairs
                            Nationwide Sales & Service
                           Quality Equipment For LESS

                                Free shipping in all our products
                                                   Three Years Free Warranty

                                      Serving the Eye Care Professionals Since 1999
+ Ophthalmic Equipment Repairs & Preventative Maintenance
+ We Pack, Move & Reinstall Equipment by the lane or entire practice
+ Ophthalmic Equipment Appraisal
+ Phoropter Cleaning & Repair
+ Lane Tune-Up / Repairs /
+ On-Site / Off-Site Service
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