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Ezer ERU-2600 Chair for Refraction Unit is full of power, innovative in design, and built to last; the 180-degree angle reclining chair makes it a favorite among eye care specialists.

The ERU-2600 is an ophthalmological motorized chair that you can easily operate using the unit's built-in control panel. The ERU-2600 features an elevation system for the seat, backrest and legs—all of which are driven by extremely quiet, oil-free electric gear motors. Several positions can be achieved, including sitting upright, lying down at full tilt, and the intermediate positions of your choice. Best of all, this motorized exam chair is built to last, using durable yet attractive materials that are easy to clean and provide quiet, precisely controlled operation.

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Price: $3,690.00

C-190A Refraction Unit

This unit's compact design makes it the ideal choice for any size office. Large weight capacity and powered table improve its ease of use. Premium build and materials maximize reliability and extend its lifespan.

Price: $1,650.00

Reliance 7000

Minor Procedure Table and
Examination Chair

This full power articulating examination chair can be used for routine practice and minor procedures. It reclines to a nearly flat position and is available with an optional adjustable surgical headrest. Choose from high or low base models.

Ergonomic Features

  • Dual-side operation allows you to control chair from both sides while maintaining patient contact.

  • Adjustable concave headrest provides superior head and neck support, and locks with a single hand.

  • Upholstered armrests lock in place and release on both chair sides for security and comfort.

  • Large hinged footrest supports patient’s full weight and tilts out of the way to save space.

  • Corded footswitch provides hands-free operation of chair base and top. Dual rotation locks allow you to swivel chair 330°.

Product Features

  • Perfect for minor procedures

  • Power Hydraulic Base

  • Ultra Durable Membrane Switches

Price: Call for current price.

Reliance 6200

Manual Recline Chair

The Model 6200 is designed for efficient operation from both sides of the chair. Its ergonomic design facilitates contact with the patient and eliminates wasted movements.

Ergonomic Features

  • Small footprint allows for increased patient access.

  • Powered hydraulic base with counterbalanced manual recline.

  • Dual side controls eliminate the need to reach over a patient to access instrumentation.

  • Rotation locks allow you to swivel chair 330 degrees from both sides.

  • Armrests lock in place and release for easy patient access and security.

  • Headrest adjusts with a single hand and locks into place. Pillow and alternate headrests also available.

  • Large hinged footrest supports patient’s full weight for safe ingress and egress.

  • Detached footswitch permits hands-free operation of chair base function.

  • Recline from either side of chair.

Product Features

  • Long-Lasting Membrane Switches

  • Backlit membrane switches, which last 10-times longer than conventional.

  • Auto return switch brings chair back to lowered position.

  • Long lasting hand-sewn upholstery with high-density foam lasts for years.

  • Removable cushions for easy cleaning, or replacement.

  • 14 standard colors and unlimited custom selections.

Price: Contact us for current price.

Reliance 7900

Instrument Stand

Sleek design for maximum patient access.

This contemporary instrument stand uses the same polycarbonate used on supersonic aircraft to resist scrapes, scratches, and scuffs. A unique injection molding process creates a unique color, creating a noteworthy style.

This model is available with instrument wells (IC) or without (NC).

Product Features

  • Arms for Instrument Delivery

    Counterbalanced slit-lamp arm locks and allows adjustment with a single hand. 12’’ of vertical travel can be counterbalanced for instruments 12 to 60 lbs. A raise and lower switch on the slit lamp arm controls chair height adjustments.

    Upper refractor arm offers 10’’ range of vertical movement; delivers instruments up to 20 lbs.

    Third instrument arm available as an option: 10- to 50 lb. capacity; 10’’ of vertical travel.

  • Membrane switches ensure long-term use and improve safety

    Super durable backlit membrane switches located on the instrument console control a chart projector, and the raise, lower and auto down functions of a Reliance examination chair.

    Membrane switches last 10-times longer than their mechanical counterparts and increase safety by eliminating high voltages. They control intensity of the overhead lamp, and the binding posts typically used for the indirect ophthalmoscope.

  • Halogen Overhead Lamp

    A long-lasting, low voltage halogen bulb is standard It provides a safe bright, direct light source.


  • Wheelchair Access

    Deliver care to wheelchair bound patients with an optional lower slit lamp arm. Cost applies to Americans With Disability Act’s Tax Credit.

  • Eclipse Room Light Control

    The Eclipse activates all room lighting from the stand, or a small console. Lighting adjusts based on instrument moves or quick manual adjustments.

* Reliance equipment USED only.

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Marco Encore
Manual Recline Chair

The Marco Encore Manual Eye Examination Chair continues the Marco tradition of useful features and unsurpassed quality. Its attractive, modern look blends beautifully with any office decor.

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Marco Encore
Automatic Chair

The Marco Encore Automatic Eye Exam Chair is the ideal choice for those who prefer instant, automatic reclining functions.

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Marco Bravo

Exam Chair

For years, practitioners have asked for a simple-featured low cost eye examination chair for everyday primary patient care.

The Bravo chair from Marco embraces this basic concept in a contemporary design that complements our established family of classical eye exam chairs and instrument stands.

Product Overview

  • Electric Lift Mechanism

    Up/Down operations are controlled by a corded foot pedal or from numerous locations on the instrument stand. An increased 15.75 inches of elevation range easily accomodates all patients and practitioners.

    Innovative Design

    By eliminating the recline mechanism and protruding “elbow” headrest, the BRAVO chair can be comfortably positioned against the wall, maximizing the refraction distance in small exam rooms. Convenient, pop-on cushions* feature a high, curved cushion back that provide a comfortable patient headrest position for eye drops or indirect exams.

    Lane Configuration

    And, with dozens of different exam lane configurations to choose from, you can easily customize your own lane package.

    Upholstery Colors

    Available in Charcoal Grey, Black and Navy Blue.

Price: Call us for current price.

Marco Bravo

Instrument Stand

While sharing many of the same mechanical functions and features of the Deluxe stand, the new Marco Bravo Stand is a more streamlined version of the Deluxe Stand, but with a more simplified console panel, two instrument wells, and a traditional outlet connection for any mounted slit lamp.

Product Overview

  • A fresh, new innovative look complements the 35-year proven mechanical operating system.

    A full-featured flat overlay switch panel controls the slit lamp, chart projector, accessory instrument, overhead room lights, lamp brightness, chair elevation, and voltage for a corded instrument. An electronic release button for slit lamp arm adjustments and a chair elevation switch are both conveniently located on the lower slit lamp arm.

    An efficient counterbalanced Refractor arm provides immediate, one-handed 3-way locking of the Refractor. Also new to the Refractor arm is a special “cable channel” that accommodates cabling from electronic & illuminated Refractors. A new instrument pole also has pre-cut holes to accommodate cabling from mounted instruments.

    Adjustable ratchet handles provide secure locking of the slit lamp and lower slit lamp arm.

    A more simplified console panel, two instrument wells, and a traditional outlet connection for any mounted slit lamp.

    Scuff resistant, high-impact base and Marco’s standard ten-step, hand-finished painting process.

Price: Call us for current price.

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