Ezer Digital Refractor


The Ezer EDR-H Digital Refractor has been redesigned for a smaller and slimmer look. The placement of the tactical buttons along with the touch screen interface makes the EDR-H easy to use. Increase your efficiency with features like the dual Cross-Cylinder test, programmable exam sequences and wireless connection with other pre-testing equipment. The EDR-H Digital Refractor by Ezer brings cutting-edge technology, modern design, and precision optics to the exam room, making your refractions quicker and effortless.

FREE Visual Acuity System $1,395.00 Value

Price: $9,490.00

Dual Cross-Cylinder Lens

A new and improved method to refine the cylinder axis and power using the Dual Cross-Cylinder Lens. This allows the patient to see a split/dual image of the test object so they can easily discern which image is more visually appealing. This feature reduces patient confusion and speeds up the refraction process. Cross-Cylinder examination is more precise and effective for astigmatism exams as the doctor can adjust the axis incremental change for higher cylindrical powers. The spherical equivalent can also be adjusted automatically.

Ergonomic Design

Measuring a patient’s refractive index and eyeglass prescription is painless with the EDR-H. The EDR-H is designed to perform all kinds of tests for astigmatism, spherical refinement, binocular vision, and more. The carefully crafted lenses within this digital refractor provide a wide dioptric range (-29D to +26.75D) providing accurate measurements regardless of myopic severity. Due to the wide viewing angle of 40 degrees, the test results can be accurately secured.

Advanced Engineering

The step motors operate at fast speeds, ensuring that the lenses are placed properly for the patient, reducing patient confusion and significantly speeding up the exam process. Thanks to Ezer’s engineering expertise, all of the adjustments that need to be done by the refractor during and between tests are handled by the headset’s quiet internal mechanisms.

Visual Charts and Tests

The EDR-H offers worldwide standardized charting. With a built-in System Program, Custom Programs and Unit Test Functions, the possibilities are endless. Practitioners can completely control the exam according to their own professional preference.

Near Eye Chart

The Vision Test function makes it is easy to help patients understand the differences between various refractive errors and diseases. The near visual acuity test can be done with the near eye chart and auxiliary eye chart. These eye charts can be selected depending on user’s taste and the testing goals.

Large Screen and Convenient Touch Screen Display

Most of the interface is controlled by the touchscreen, with only a few physical buttons on the base of the equipment to control the most essential features. As the diagnoses progresses, figures are expressed on an 10.4 inch wide screen with intuitive interface with various colors. The display setup is easy to understand, making the practitioner aware of the testing content. By adopting a touch-screen interface, optometrists can use the most advanced technology, even if they are not fully familiar with this progressive technology.

Tilting & Swivel Monitor

Regardless of the position of the patient or the optometrist, the screen can be rotated to any angle or direction.

A large central dial allows users to change measurement values with a pleasing tactile sensation reminiscent of manual instruments, enhancing the user experience. The click function provides lens conversions and program executions in a much faster and convenient manner. The new and improved key design is arranged by function and has good touch sensitivity and improved durability.

Built In Printer

All exam data is automatically stored on the control box and can be quickly pulled up by the user at any time. The control box also has a built-in printer to easily produce a hard copy of test results on-demand. Furthermore, the control box comes loaded with several easily digestible patient education slides — just tilt and swivel the screen towards the patient to get them engaged in their eye care.

Compatible Connection with Various Systems

The EDR-H can connect to several other digital ophthalmic instruments by Ezer to serve as the hub of the digitally-enabled exam room. Data can be entered or transferred directly from compatible devices, and the control box can operate many of the different functions of each device.

EMR Ready

The EDR-H interface is compatible with most EMR practice management systems.

Easy Maintenance and Upgrade

The forehead pedestal, facial contact piece, and eyepiece protective lens are designed to be detachable for easy removal and cleaning. This allows practitioners to maintain a hygienic test environment. Additional, the system software can be upgraded easily through the USB interface.

EDR-BH provides ophthalmic practices with a unified experience and a fluent data platform. This instrument will provide a new level of synergy to your practice, benefiting patients, clinicians, and technicians alike.