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Our Phoroptor arrived here this afternoon, and everything looks good. The instrument works much better, and much more smoothly. It's a pleasure looking through clean lenses once again. Thank you very much for the quick turnaround and excellent work on the instrument. All the best, Ralph Hartwell Spectrotek Services 318-527-6766
Thank you so much. We got it! It arrived around late this afternoon. It looks beautiful. Thank you so much. I'm a very happy customer. Thank you, thank you. Warm regards, Juan Galdamez, OD
I received my phoropter back today and it looks and feels great. Thank you very much! I am sending out the loaner today. Dr. Murphy
A Third phoroptor was shipped out to you yesterday. this one needs a good cleaning only, i think. thanks
Fernando thanks for getting it back to me. Received and working very nicely. I just shipped another one back to you, and paid online for another cleaning. Please LMK when received and when heading back to me. I will have 1 more after that. would you prefer I pay you again thru paypal, or independently for the 3rd one?
name = Erika email = jobtitle = MI VISION subject = Office manager company = Review comments = Thank you for your great service. I love how fast your service is and the quality of work you do. I would totally recommend your services to other clinics. Thank you, Erika Bustamante-Office Manager at MI VISION REMOTE_HOST:
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