Two years warranty
Digital  Visual Acuity System

All-In-One design
, No PC or Other components necessary.    
Wireless remote controlled.
High resolution 24 inches LCD Screen.
Calibrates for long or short exam rooms.

. 24 inches Flat Panel Screen.
. High resolution 1280 X 1080
. Chart size automatically calibrates to the working distance     
. Wireless remote controlled.
. Wide range of Optotypes,Tumbling E's, Children's,                
...Red/Green test, Snellen, Astigmatism Testing.
. 20/400 - 20/10 VA
. Four different lines 20/20

Do it your self installation
On screen instructions manual
3 minutes or less calibration to room size
Easy to install wall or desk mounting
Working distance 10' - 20'
24 inches High Resolution Screen
Lightweight, only 11pounds
Slim, modern design.
Easy to use Remote controled
Red / Green test.on all optotypes, Snellen, Numbers,
Visual Acuity Systems
Special $ 1,895.00
Ezer EDC-2600
Ezer EDC 2600
      Visual Acuity System
DELL  SH-200 22" Display
High Contrast and Resolution Charts
                 Digital High Resolution
   Temporary  Low  Price $ 1,395.00
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       One Of The Most Complete Visual Acuity Systems
                   Currently Available in The Market
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