Lane Care Service

Complete Lane Care Service Includes:

  • Instrument Stand: Clean, lubricate and adjust all arms, bearings and locking assemblies, check voltage, instruments charging wells, clean and polish surface area.
  • Exam Chair: Adjust locks, lubricate bearings, check fluids, check voltage and circuitry, clean & polish surface area.
  • Phoropter: Complete Cleaning / PM
  • Slit-Lamp: Clean optics, check alignment of illumination and focal path, check voltage and circuitry,clean, adjust and lubricate bearings and gears.
  • Tonometer: Clean, check alignment & calibration.
  • Projector-O-Chart / Visual Acuity System: Clean optics and calibrate, check electrical circuitry.
  • BIO: Clean optics, align illumination and focal path.
  • Hand Instruments: Clean and check for proper illumination.

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On-site service for San Antonio Area, Austin, Houston, Laredo, Dallas and Corpus Christi,TX.
Nationwide on-site service available for medium to large projects.