Phoropter Cleaning & Repair

On-site Nationwide Service & Repair Available

Two Month Warranty

NOTE: We do not service B & L Greens
or Phoropters Made in China

Service will be unavailable during the months of

November & December

Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Regular preventative maintenance is recommended for the optimal working condition of your Ophthalmic equipment.
To maintain optical accuracy, proper lubrication & calibration, manufacturers recommend a regular schedule of cleaning / reconditioning of your phoropters every 18-24 months.
Optics become dirty due to fingerprints, fumes, makeup, A/C, environmental condition, etc.
We have serviced Phoropters from all over the Country since 1999, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Experience counts! Experience you can rely on!

At Texas Ophthalmic Instruments, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. On-site, Off-site service. Now servicing, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Corpus Christi and Rio Grande Valley.
Travel time / Service call fee may apply for outside San Antonio area. Nationwide, Complete Lane Care Service / Tune Up & Repairs, Phoropter cleaning. Medium to Large projects.

For details please contact us.

Your Phoroptor may look like this
after 2 years without maintenance.

We Do It Right the First Time and We Do It for Less!

Phoropter Cleaning consist of:

  • Fully inspection for even small issues.
  • Phoropter is disassembled.
  • All lenses cleaned and calibrated to factory standards
  • Clean, adjust, lubricate and calibrate Jackson cross cylinder.
  • Clean, adjust & lubricate main support, PD & convergence controls.
  • Clean & calibrate sphere and cylinder dial assemblies.
  • Clean, lubricate & calibrate all internal mechanical components.
  • Adjust all control knobs tension to correct smooth factory standards.
  • Phoropter is Reassembled and inspected for standard, excellent working order.

  • Three month guarantee.
  • Cleaning service does not include major repairs or parts if needed.

Phoropter Cleaning
Special: $325.00

Illuminated Phoropters
Special: $375.00

If you have a phoropter ready for cleaning, you are at the right place.
Just follow the options below for a worry-free Phoropter Cleaning Service.

Option 1

If you don't need a Loaner, please Contact Us so we can schedule your service and provide you with shipping details.

NOTE : Please insure package for at least $ 800.00 and add Signature Required.

Option 2

Just drop off your phoropter at any UPS or FedEx location and they will do the rest for you. They offer a good packing service for about $ 10.00. Worries free for you.

Please email the following information

Doctor's name
Practice / Company name
Business Address
Contact person Name, Phone number and Email address


We only charge for shipping costs both ways. Total is $78.00
NOTE: Shipping cost for East and West coast is $95.00


We accept company checks, PayPal, and credit card payments over the phone.


1 - 2 Business Days