Imaging Optical System

MicroRec Kit + Beamsplitter

MicroREC + BeamSplitter is an optical system that makes it possible to digitize your microscope or slit lamp so you can record or instant stream with your own phone.

To be able to record and broadcast microscopy imaging using any phone is a revolution in medicine itself, allowing a faster and better diagnosis, thanks to our affordable optical system.

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Price: $2,299.00

MicroREC + Beamsplitter A revolutionary device that attaches your smartphone to your microscope or slit lamp in a few clicks, doesn’t occupy oculars and allows for instant recording of ophthalmic, optometric, neurologic, and other types of microsurgeries. It automates your medical imagery recording and replaces bulk self-made systems or expensive technologies, inaccessible for many practitioners. You can use MicroREC + Beamsplitter on your own or share it with doctors.

Once connected, the MicroREC for Medical Imagery app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or from Google Play and is very quick and easy to navigate and set up. Videos can be taken at the touch of a button, with or without sound, using the fantastic optic in the eyepiece of the MicroREC + Beamsplitter and the incredible quality of modern smartphone cameras to capture great images in up to 8K.

Works with 90% microscopes and slit lamps.

MicroREC App for medical imagery Capture microscopy and slit lamp imagery with ease. The MicroREC app allows you to adjust camera settings to operating room conditions, shoot and store content in a dedicated gallery separately from your personal files, broadcast it on social media or to screens. It works with any microscopy recording system and even if you just shoot the content manually.

Compatible with any Smartphone

two year warranty